Central Nebraska
Wings N' Things-LLC
noW dba clarks trikes and bikes

We are open all day on Saturdays. Call for an appointment during the week.

 CLOSED MEMORIAL WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  WILL BE RIDING OUR OWN BIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are the original California Side Car builder in the state of Nebraska, and the only Roadsmith builer in Nebraska. Not only will we trike your Goldwing, we will trike all other brands of motorcycles if there is a kit available.  


Central Nebraska Wings N'
Things is a business that sells used Honda Goldwings, Escapade Trailers, and Accessories.  We also install the California Side Car brand Trike Kits, and Road Smith Brand Trike Kits.  Central Nebraska Wings N Things is located in central Nebraska in the small town of Clarks across the street from the water tower.

for more information contact:

Joe McGuinn at 402-942-2482 or jcmcguinn@mainstaycomm.net

David Miller at 308-548-8079 or dkmiller@clarks.net